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PPC / Bidding

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  • PPC Solution


    ADsmonster Pay Per Click platform. The way which makes traffic distribution most targeted and most effective.

    A good way to provide visitors to a web site. “Buy audience instead of inventory”(с)

    For publishers:

    For advertisers:

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    • Get profit
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  • CPA Solution

    ADsmonster Cost Per Action solution.
    Payment for the Result!

    For publishers:

    For advertisers:

    • High payouts
    • Direct advertisers
    • Different fields
    • Complex of tools
    • Pay for desired action
    • Guaranteed conversion
    • Publishers, who make direct relations
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About Us

Hi, this is
and we are an online advertising agency.

  • Our aim is to provide first class
    service for our publishers and
    advertisers which allows to
    monetize the traffic and manage
    the advertising campaigns most
    conveniently and most efficiently.

    We offer our partners transparent
    business schemes, unique technical
    solutions, qualified 24/7 support.

  • Combining unique engineering solutions
    and reliable customer service we have
    acquired fine reputation among
    advertisers and Internet resource owners.

    Our team will continuously assess the
    development of your business and offer
    the best work outs possible for your
    prosperity. Being our client you can also
    apply for improvement of our services in
    any field of our work. We always
    guarantee your profit!

  • Safety

    Your business is safe with us!
    You receive traffic quality
    control plug-ins and have easy
    access to any information.

  • Stability

    We ensure stable work of all
    our services.

  • Confidence

    You can always be sure you
    receive your payments on
    request in time.

  • Concern

    We are really interested in our
    clients’ success and well-being.